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What if I told you that sixty days from now you could be a published author of a full length book on your niche topic, and that you would also have a complete marketing strategy and a marketing funnel in place? What if you would also have a professional blog and a podcast, making it possible for you to attract the right prospects and clients into your business? This is not a dream; it can be your reality before the end of 2019…

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I want to tell you about my popular course, Write. Publish. Prosper. This course grew out of the desire by so many of my students to emulate what I have achieved since publishing my first book during the summer of 2010. Since that time I have gone on to write more than twenty more books, compile a dozen more, and contribute to more than twenty-five books compiled by other authors. Every single one of these books has achieved bestseller status, many times more than once in several categories, but that isn’t the greatest achievement you can have as a published author.

Authors Can Also Build A Highly Profitable Platform

The word author is derived from the word authority and that’s exactly what you will be perceived as when your book is written and published. This type of respect and influence provides you with the ability to write your own ticket to success. As an author you have the opportunity to lay a foundation and create a business based on your book’s topic, and to achieve so much more. I have done this myself by doing exactly what I am teaching here, and now my own students are following in my footsteps. You build a community of eager readers, share your knowledge of your topic with them, and continue to teach and guide them to achieve their own dreams and goals as you achieve your own.

Introducing: Write. Publish. Prosper.

I first created and taught this course to my high level mentoring students and colleagues. After they gave me raving reviews on this training they convinced me to open up the opportunity to others and I have finally agreed. Referred to as “Season One”, this entire course is now available to you as a Home Study training program to go through right now. “Season Two” improved upon the first season, and you will have full access to this training and material as well. This provides you with the groundwork on which you can lay a foundation that will set you up to hit the ground running as a successful author and entrepreneur in 2019.

“Season Three” Begins in the late fall of 2019, And You Will Be Included At No Additional Cost!

But I Don’t Even Like To Write!

I wasn’t a writer until 2006. I had talked about writing, and made several feeble attempts at writing but the truth was that I was not a writer. It turns out that you can get into the habit of writing for an hour a day using my strategies and methods that are time tested and proven for excellent results. And you may be interested to know that even the most prolific writers have this as their motto: “I don’t like to write, but like having written.” This may be your motto as well, and once you’ve written and published your book you’ll enjoy saying that even more.

Isn’t It Difficult To Get A Book Published?

Even just ten short years ago it required that you find an agent and a publisher to get your book published, or that you spent thousands of dollars of your own money to have a ‘vanity’ publisher print your book for you. You may have heard stories of people who had a few thousand of their books taking up space in their spare bedroom or garage, only to find out no one wanted to buy them. Everything has changed in the last few years, and I will share exactly how you can get your knowledge, ideas, and expertise out of your head and into your own book in the fastest and easily way. I’ve done more than a twenty times since 2010, as well as compiling a dozen books with several writers and contributing to more than twenty-five books put together by others. I can answer just about any question you may have on the topic of book publishing, and even run my own small publishing house.

I Heard That Authors Don’t Earn Much From Book Sales

It’s not as simple as that, but part of the story is that you will earn many times more from teaching your book than from only selling it. The Write. Publish. Prosper. course explains in great detail exactly how to build a profitable business based on teaching what you have written about in your full length book. I define ‘full length’ as being at least twenty thousand written words.

The Write. Publish. Prosper. course is divided into four Modules, or “Phases” as I like to refer to them. Here is just some of what you will learn in each one.

Phase I – Pre-Writing, Research, and Planning
  • How to determine what the best topic is for your book
  • Why the research process is crucial to your success
  • When to use the concept of “coopetition” in your book
  • How to know which keywords are relevant for your topic
Phase II – Outlining and Writing
  • How to create a tight and concise outline for your book
  • When to start the actual writing of your book
  • Why your outline will provide you “fill in the blanks” writing
  • How to get into the “habit” of writing an hour each day
Phase III – Advanced Writing and Creating Strategies
  • How to chose the publishing platform that’s best for you
  • What to include in your book to set it apart from others
  • Why a simple cover design, using three colors is most effective
  • How to show your prospects that you are an authority on your topic
Phase IV – Publishing, Marketing, & Beyond
  • Putting together your marketing funnel based on your book
  • Building a highly responsive list for your niche topic
  • How to create products, courses, and live events for your topic
  • When to set up a membership site based on your book
Phase V – Your Book Marketing Funnel
  • Attracting the right people into your business
  • Going “mainstream” with your book’s topic
  • Creating a sustainable business based on your knowledge and expertise

All four Modules (or Phases) of ‘Season One’ and ‘Season Two” of the Write. Publish. Prosper. Course are now waiting for you inside the Member’s area. I record each session as a webinar and also as an audio (mp3) recording for your convenience. You may access this training at any hour of the day or night through your private login credentials.

Bonus #1

1I am providing you with the exact template I use when I write all of my books. This will make it much faster and easier for you to format your own book for publication, or to turn it over to an outsourcer to do it for you. This holds up many authors, but you will be ready to publish as soon as you write your final sentence!

Bonus #2

2By joining the Write. Publish. Prosper. community today, you’ll have ongoing access to further “Seasons” of the online course for two full years, at no additional cost. I want you to be a part of this training and share what you learn with incoming students in the future! You will also be eligible to promote this course as an affiliate, earning 50% of each sale you make.

Bonus #3

3You may know that I host a live event of my own twice a year. You are invited to my next event as a part of your membership in the Write. Publish. Prosper. community. This event will be held in Los Angeles during the late fall of 2019 and I want you to be there!

Bonus #4

4The next live online training (Season Three) will be during the fall of 2019, so that you will have time between now and then to go through both “Season One” and “Season Two” and be ready to get your questions answered as you move through the process of writing your book.

P.S. Writing your book quickly, publishing it easily, and using it to build credibility, visibility, and profitability will help you to build the business you want and deserve. Join me for this life changing experience at the low investment of only $499.

***BONUS: 3 One-on-One Calls With Me to Discuss Your Book and Overall Plan!

P.P.S. Join now and be eligible for a unique ISBN (International Standard Book Number) from my own publishing house, Hunter’s Moon Publishing.